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Your Choice Should Be Your Voice.

“Above all else, I believe Metro Council is a customer service job. At least it should be. It is also about making difficult decisions that benefit the most and inconvenience the fewest. I am prepared to fulfill these responsibilities.”

District 16 residents deserve a Metro Council member who wants to represent them in THAT office, not any office. Your next voice should be just that, YOUR voice. No local party hierarchy deals. No playing musical chairs to decide who runs for what office. Across the USA, voters have decided the view from the outside looks pretty good to them, and are tired of the cluster mentality of political insiders. Neighbors, my allegiance is solely to you, and I will work hard to “find the needle” each of you wants moved.

Chip Sobel for Metro Council, District 16

William “Chip” Sobel is an effective communicator who will be a full-throated passionate advocate for you, your family, your business, and our community. He will be Louisville Metro Council District 16’s dynamic proponent, unifying voice and constant catalyst for economic development, business prosperity, and improved livability.

Chip Sobel’s background, passion for participatory experiences, and entertaining public speaking advocacy skills have allowed him to constantly identify new and innovative ideas outside the norm and bring them front and center to the public’s mainstream awareness.

Chip’s Mission:

Provide residents with easy available access to communicate with him. I promise you will get a response. How refreshing! When you see me, please call me Chip. That’s the kind of Metro Council representative I will be.

Louisville-Centric Business Growth. GLI should not stand for Giving Louisville to Indiana! Regionalism can and should occur only after we reestablish our own business core and improve its strength.

Development of a World-Class Multi-Industry Skilled Workforce Education and Training Center. We need a skilled labor force to keep and grow jobs locally.

Reduced Local Government Red Tape. The cost of doing business in Louisville must decrease. The number of fees, permits, licenses and taxes currently charged to engage in commerce are major deterrents. Louisville must improve its business climate to attract and retain job creators.

Real Government Transparency and Accountability. No more closeted, backscratching deals that benefit too few of us. I will work to ensure District 16 residents’ local taxes are spent wisely, sparingly, and with full disclosure.

Help Chip Win. Vote on May 17th.


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Martha-Jane, Matthew, Caitlan, and Chip
Martha-Jane, Matthew, Caitlan, and Chip